Carl-Emmanuel Fisbach Saxophonist

Duo Azar (2019): Bach & Hindemith

Cover of Duo Azar (2019): Bach & Hindemith

Duo Azar: Carl-Emmanuel Fisbach, saxophone & Wenjiao Wang, piano
Special guest: Pierre Lenert, Viola Soloist of the Paris National Opera Orchestra
Paraty Label – PIAS Harmonia Mundi 2019. Released September 6th, 2019.

Works by Johann Sebastian Bach and Paul Hindemith.

The compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach and those of Paul Hindemith are highly complementary and make natural bedfellows on a recording. Simply and sincerely yet boldly and freely, the Duo Azar has juxtaposed transcriptions of two sonatas for flute and harpsichord by Bach with sonatas for oboe and piano and for horn (or saxophone) and piano and the rare Trio by Hindemith – for whom Bach was a source of inspiration. © Serge Soufflard, Viola Soloist of the Orchestre de Chambre de Paris

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Fisbach / Panzl (2016): Tango Continuo

Cover of Fisbach / Panzl (2016): Tango Continuo

Carl-Emmanuel Fisbach, saxophone ; David Christopher Panzl, keyboard percussion
Paraty Label – Harmonia Mundi 2016. Released April 15th, 2016.

Works by Astor Piazzolla, Luis Naón and Mathieu Bonilla.

The arresting expressivity and phrasing of these musicians captivate the listener. Without a doubt, this recording plunges us deep into the world of two talented artists to watch. © Daniel “Tiroloco” Piazzolla

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Duo Denisov (2014): Bestiaire

Cover of Duo Denisov (2014): Bestiaire

Duo Denisov (saxophone: Carl-Emmanuel Fisbach / cello: Marie Ythier).

The program of the CD Bestiaire enables you to discover the combination of sounds between the saxophone and the cello through works by Edison DENISOV (Sonata), Mathieu BONILLA (Zinc sous pas glissés, world premiere recording), Annette MENGEL (Identification I), Pedro García VELÁSQUEZ (Remos, world premiere recording), Naoki Sakata (Between III, world premiere recording) and Alphonse STALLAERT (Bestiaire, world premiere recording). It gives "to each of the two protagonists a 'concertante' part of equal expressive and technical importance, allowing each of them to highlight their own individual personality as well as their association" (preface of Bestiaire, Alphonse Stallaert, by the dedicatee, Georges Gourdet, Gérard Billaudot Editions). Listen

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Duo Azar (2011): Albéniz, Ravel, Villa-Lobos, Piazzolla

Cover of Duo Azar (2011): Albéniz, Ravel, Villa-Lobos, Piazzolla

First Album by Carl-Emmanuel Fisbach and Wenjiao Wang, Duo Azar. PAI Records. Released March 2011.

Duo Azar offers an original programme inspired by Spanish and South-American music. You will actually hear the first ever recording of Tango-Studies by Piazzolla in the version with piano arranged by the composer, as well as a new arrangement of Isaac Albéniz’s Iberia, Book One.

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Neva Quartet (2010): Les concerts de la Galerie Dorée

Cover of Neva Quartet (2010): Les concerts de la Galerie Dorée

Participation of Quatuor Neva (live) in this recording, along with Edgar Moreau (cello), Marc Bouchkov (violin) and Geaorgiy Dubko (piano).

The Banque de France, situated since 1806 in the Hôtel de la Vrillière, has been reviving the musical tradition attached to the Galerie Dorée for several years now . The latter is a unique and privileged venue, steeped in history and music. Today, the fantastic acoustics or the Galerie Dorée is highlighted by the organization of private concerts, in collaboration with the Association of young current and previous students of the Paris Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse, CNSMDP, enabling those exceptionally talented young students all prize-winners of international competitions to give public performances in privileged conditions.
This CD is the sixth of a series entitled Les concerts de la Galerie Dorée.

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